First Utility Departments

First Utility DepartmentsFirst Utility is Britain’s largest and most innovative independent energy company, offering home and business customers cheaper rates for gas and electricity than the other major providers. Pioneers of the Smart Meter, First Utility is committed to energy efficiency and working towards integrating the latest tips and technology to help customers use as little power as possible. Find out more by calling the First Utility phone number.

Residential Gas & Electricity

Natural Gas is one of the most efficient, cleanest burning fuels in use today, and is generally used for home heating. First Utility customers benefit from low prices for Natural Gas and can choose between locked-in rates and flexible rates to maximize their financial savings, as well as take advantage of First Utility’s energy saving tips and tools to maximize their energy savings. First Utility also maintains a 24 hour emergency line in the event of a customer smelling gas having emergency concerns, ensuring that safety comes first.

First Utility was the first energy provider to roll out new Smart Meter technology in Britain. Smart Meters accurately monitor energy use and automatically report to the company, so no meter readings are needed. Customers get information about exactly how much electricity they use and at what time of the day, helping them make informed choices about energy use, and ensuring that they are only billed for exactly what they use instead of a rough estimate. 

Because First Utility is also concerned about the environment and responsible power usage, they offer energy saving tips on their website and are always researching new energy saving technologies to pass on to clients.


Residences aren’t the only places that gas and electricity get used, nor are they the only place where the person paying the bill appreciates saving money and power. First Utility also offers comprehensive gas and power services to businesses, allowing them to take advantage of the same parks and technologies that private households benefit from.