First Utility Customer Services – 0843 487 1841

First Utility Customer ServicesFirst Utility is a leading supplier of electricity and gas in the United Kingdom, and claims to offer the cheapest gas and electricity tariffs in the country. The company has an efficient customer service team, and a First Utility helpline in place to redress customer issues.

Reasons why Customers Contact First Utility

The First Utility customer service team helps customers with bills and payments, tariffs, meters, switching over to First Utility, and account related issues.

The common issues with bills and payments, for which customers call the First Utility customer services number are to understand the energy bill, to understand or dispute application of various charges, for information on duel fuel discounts, for help with changing direct debit, and to resolve payment and credit issues. 

Help with tariffs pertain to details of various tariff plans, advise on the best plan for the customer, available discounts, and related information. Help with meter mostly pertains to meter readings, and information on different types of meter. Customers also contact First Utility customer services to set up and manage their account, make changes to their account, and information on what to do to migrate to or out of First Utility for various reasons. Many customers also contact customer support for emergency information, such as what to do in eventuality of gas leaks, and how to report loss of electricity or disruption in gas supply.

The top five reasons customers contact First Utility customer services is to track progress of switching over to First Utility, change tariffs to a more advantageous one, information on submitting a meter reading, procedures to follow to shift the utility when moving home, and help with making online payments.

Non-customers also frequently call First Utility customer services number for information on tariffs and how to migrate to First Utility. 

How to Contact Customer Service

Customers may use the First Utility helpline to seek information on any of the above mentioned issues, or for anything else that impacts them. The customer support agent who handles the call provides the required information, or redirects the customer to the concerned department for resolution.