First Utility Complaints – 0843 487 1841

First Utility ComplaintsAlmost every household in the United Kingdom has to be a customer of an energy supplier for their gas and electricity. The consumers of energy have several companies to choose from to satisfy their needs, and one of these suppliers is First Utility. Although not one of the so called big six, they have a large customer base,and these customers generate a fair number of First Utility complaints, which can be also be found by calling the First Utility contact number.

The reasons for First Utility complaints cover a wide range of problem, but can be summed up in the following few words. Lack of communication, no customer service, and a chaotic billing process, all these problems highlight the importance of a clear and easy accessible First Utility complaints number.

Inefficient accounting.

Cases of customers direct debits not being activated causing them to go into arrears, and then being threatened with debt collection agencies if they do not bring their account up to date immediately. Customers not receiving bills for several months are another of First Utility faults.

First Utility refunds or the reluctance of the company to pay refunds when they are due,is another cause of discontent with First Utility. Customers, who have moved to another supplier and have a credit balance on their account, have expressed their dissatisfaction at the time and effort taken to have the dispute settled.

Bad communication skills.

Tales of customers left hanging on the telephone for unreasonable lengths of time, and then being passed from one person to another without the problem being resolved. Complaints of letters being ignored or a standard letters that have no reference to the complaint, being sent, are common complaints aimed at First Utility.

Customer confidence

Customers, who have put their trust and faith in a company such as First Utility, expect a high level of service from their supplier. People will accept that there will be certain problems in dealing with large companies, and sometimes mistakes will be made. However when these problems and mistakes do arise they have the right to expect them to be resolved as soon as possible. Lack of customer service and inefficient accounting are not problems they should have to put up with.

It is important that customers should feel confident their complaints are being taken seriously, and every effort is being made by the customer service staff to resolve the problem. This is why it is so important that a First Utility complaints number is made easily available to them, and they are encouraged to use it to have their complaint resolved quickly and amicably.