How can I get in touch with First Utility’s customer service team?

First Utility are a smaller utilities company who have gained a good reputation for customer service and value so far. They have a strong social media presence and although their Twitter account only has just under 5,000 followers, they have dedicated staff ready to answer your questions live on Twitter from 9am-10pm Monday to Friday.

Their Facebook page has over 15,000 followers and although they don’t post a great deal on their they do encourage contact and have a 100% response rate with an average response time of instant. You can’t beat that, it is clear that First Utility have embraced social media as their main form of communication with their customers.

They also have a virtual assistant that will answer questions for you in chat on their website:

Other ways to contact First Utility

They do seem to encourage that most issues are dealt with via the online chat or virtual assistant but their complaints procedure is easy to find, which is encouraging. If you have a complaint you can fill in the online form at resolver.
This is a third party company that offers a free complaints service for many companies and will ensure your complaint is dealt with in an appropriate manor and escalated if and when required:

Or, you can use the contact form directly on the first utility website:

Or you can ring the First Utility contact number, where a member of their customer service team will be able to help them out. You can also catch them on this local rate telephone number:
01926 356 512 (local rate, unknown opening times)

Or you can contact them in writing by writing to their physical address:

First Utility Ltd, PO Box 4360, Warwick, CV34 9DB.

Unfortunately First Utility do not offer any guidance as to how long they have to answer complaints, the most common time frame is about 12 weeks so it would be advisable to give them 12 weeks to come to a satisfactory outcome.

Raising a complaint with First Utility

If you are still not happy with the outcome of hour complaint with First Utility, then you can contact the Energy Ombudsman who will review your case and make an independent answer. You will need to have completed the internal First Utility complaints process prior to going to the ombudsman, to ensure they have had a fair chance to answer the complaint prior to escalation.

You can ring them on:
0334 440 1624 (Monday to Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 9am-1pm)

You can Fax them on:
0334 440 1625

Or use the text phone:
0330 440 1600

You can email the ombudsman directly:

Or if you prefer you can write to their physical address, make sure you keep a copy of any correspondence you send. Here is the address:
Ombudsman Services: Energy
PO Box 966

The ombudsman is independent and will make sure your complaint is dealt fairly and decide on the most appropriate actions to be taken by First Utility. They can also decide in favour of First Utility if they think they acted appropriately but this service is always free, even if your case is decided in against you.